Prudent Place Lays


Has made 214 points Profit in the past 14 Months.

Betting in the Place Lay Market.

Less than 4 Minutes A Day, to action this Process.

£10 bets return £2,030.00 Profit (after Betfair 5% Commission).

Full Daily Results to see!!


In first 24 Days of Release we are UP £99.80

Strike Rate for November 2014 is 48%,

since release it is also 48%

Over the 14 months the strike rate is 48.9% so it has been very accurate and consistant.


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What is it "Prudent Place Lays Profit" ?

This is a windows based software, that produces selections daily that are to be bet on Betfair in the Place Lay market.

Plus it is designed to be used seemlessly with the Betting software called Bet Engine (see the bet engine tab above).

This whole process takes less than 4 minutes a day to action.

You don't need to use the betting software Bet Engine, however it does have it's advantages which is explained in the Bet Engine tab above.

As we are betting in the Place Lay market mostly our selections are very low priced, in fact over the 1,700 races we have results for our average price is £2.22. (Risk is only £1.22 as £1.00 is the stake).

If you are not sure what place laying is check out the Liability v Staking tab at the top.

Over the past 14 months, on Liability staking (set amount risked only regardless of the horses price), it has made 213 points (after 5% deduction of Betfair commission).

Return on Risk was a very healthy 12.60%

This figure translates to £2,130.00 Profit on £10 liability bets per selection. Or £78.08 per hour return.

If you bet smaller you can see in the table below how much your return would have been, at 4 minutes a day to action, that works out at 26 hours total time over the 13 months.

You can staking normally on the lays a set amount, however the risk is higher and the return is lower, making 138 points over the 16 months, or a Return on Risk of 6.32%, where as the Liability staking returned 10.40% on Risk.

You can see the returns on both methods, along with every days results in the results tab above.

Liabilty Staking had 1 losing Month in July 2014 (8 points), and the standard staking had no losing months.

You can see the Level Staking is NOT as GOOD as Liability, in both RETURNS and RISK


This is the software interface, very fast and easy to use and get the results

Software is a windows based only software.


Has made 193 points Profit in the past 16 Months.

Betting in the Place Lay Market.

Less than 4 Minutes A Day, to action this Process.

£10 bets return £1,930.00 Profit (after Betfair 5% Commission).

Full Daily Results to see!!

Check all the results in the Results Tab at the top of the page.


If you are looking to target more, you can see the different odds range performance.


The low end 1.01 to 1.25, produced 250 bets, to make 93 points profit

a 37% Return on Risk. This is on Liability Staking


Big Difference in returns and what odds ranges respond to the two different staking methods.


So you can see, staking is important.

We recommend using Liability Staking, and you could bet a lot less selections if you stopped at 2.00

Or you bet the 2.00 odds normal staking.

I think to use liabilty staking and stop at odds of 2.00 and you could afford to increase your bets.


Why use liability staking with PRUDENT PROFIT PLACE LAYS:

Solely Because the return is so much better because of the low prices of the horses we are laying.

As at 24th November, these are the stats on prices.

Losing Bets Prices: 1.75 ( 0.75 risk) we had 875 losing bets, so when a bet lost on staking we lost an average of .75 so that is a total loss of 656.25 points, (if betting £10 staking per bet £6,56.25).

If using £10 liability, that is 875*10 = £8,750.00 Loss. (875 points).

Summary on losing bets: Staking £6,562.50: Liability £8,750.00

OK, Winning Bets:

840 winning bets: Ave price 2.66.

Staking £10 per bet,

Return £7980.00-Losing Bets £6,562.50

Profit: £1,417.50

Total Risk over 1715 Bets..£20,612.00

Return on Risk.. 6.8% ( Every £10 risked has returned 68pence).


Liability of £10 per Bet (most we can lose is £10 a bet)

Return £10,886.00 - Losing Bets £8,750.00

Profit £2,136.00

Total Risk over 1715 Bets..£17,150.00

Return on Risk.. 12.40% ( Every £10 risked has returned £1.24).


Steve, what the **** does that mean in plain English...


So if I was to say, give me £10,000 and I will give you £680.00 more, now that sounds OK, lot better than the banks.

Total return you have £10,680.00 now, so the £680.00 will be handy, and you are happy right?

Maybe not, see not every Pound is equal.. READ ON.


I Say give me the same £10,000 and I will give you £1,240.00 more.

So now you have £11,240.00 MUCH NICER

Remember exactly the same 10 grand, just a different approach.

So when you get the Prudent Profit Software, please use liability staking.

Now, you see you have made nearly double the amount, and guess what?

The risk was less to make more.


When betting low price horses, Liability staking is much better, if you have a strike rate like PRUDENT PROFIT.

Grab it TODAY before the PRICE INCREASE.....




This software has been setup so you can instantly import the selections in Bet Engine (not included).

This software produces selections for the Place Lay Market in the UK and Irish Racing.

It does not place the bets, it gives you the selections.

Remember a £10 Liability bet on every selection over

the past 13 months has returned £2,030.00 Profit

The Price is for 12 months access,

Next 50 38 copies

are at the reduced price of £59.97

Save £10.00



One licence per PC.

Click Here to Download Today, at this INTRODUCTION PRICE!


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This software is for personal use only, and can not be used for a tipping or selection service, if you can not agree to that please don't buy it.

This software is uniqued keyed and can not shared, it is locked to the computer it is downloaded on to. So please only download it onto the computer you are going to use it on.



If you don't accept this offer where will you be with your punting in a month from now?


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